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Body/Spa Treatment

Submerge yourself into a true retreat  Body/Spa Package
Detoxify Body Wrap
This Sea Kelp gel naturally extracts impurities and provides elasticity and hydration while your body detoxifies. The stimulating exfoliation lifts dead skin cells, then the wrap is applied. The Sea Kelp is removed with moist towels your body is hydrated with aromatic body cream. This leaves you in a very relaxed state.
Warning: If you are allergic to any kind of fish, Seafood or Iodine, this body wrap is not for you.
90 minutes $120.00
Deep Hydrating body wrap
This luxurious wrap hydrates your entire body. The stimulating exfoliation lifts dead skin cells while nourishing and moisturizing your dry skin with aromatic hydrating cream. You will be completely relaxed and hydrated.
90 minutes $120.00
Wash away the daily stress and relax with a stimulating scalp massage,followed with a full body hydrating massage. You will feel very relaxed and rejuvenated.
80 minutes $100.00
Take a break, unwind and leave your daily fires behind with a hand and foot scrub followed with a stimulating body exfoliation. Then you will find yourself melting into a relaxing massage.
80 minutes $100.00
You've had a world wind of a day, need a quiet place to get away and unwind. Submerge yourself into a stimulating experience. A full body exfoliation followed with detoxifying Sea Kelp body wrap. We will melt the stress away with a stimulating scalp massage and flow into a relaxing full body hydrating massage.
2 Hours $150.00
Warning: If you are allergic to any kind of fish, Seafood or Iodine, this body wrap is not for you.
Need to shake off the buildup and craziness of life and relax in an earthly manner? Start with a body exfoliation, flow into a luxurious deep hydrating body wrap, and finish with a soothing, relaxing aromatic hydrating cream with a soothing relaxing full body massage. 
2 Hours $150.00
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